Discover an unknown destination in Greece!

The Methana Peninsula is one of the destinations in Greece, which has been remained untouched by mass tourism. You can still experience the "real Greece". The volcanic peninsula of Methana offers lots of experiences for hikers, photographers and nature lovers. Only a few people know that there is active volcanism in the area of the Saronic gulf near Athens. Who knows that there are many interesting prehistoric and ancient sites on Methana? And who has an idea about the many rare species of orchids growing on Methana in spring time? Come to Methana to discover the natural, geological and cultural heritage hiking in the volcanic mountains!

There are about 60 km of hiking trails on Methana and after heavy rains at winter time they may have been closed by vegetation. So the tours I describe are recommendations that may have already changed. I would be very interested in reports of your experience on Methana!

I am also looking for volunteers who would like to spend their time on Methana helping to re-open old hiking trails.


Active holidays on Methana?

If you love hiking and being active in nature, you could help maintaining the hiking trails on Methana peninsula. We would be happy if you would subscribe the list of participants of this volunteer activity! Of course the tools will be provided by the locals and also the transfers to the starts of the trails.


Further pages

Hiking on Methana

There is also the Belgium website of Raymond Verdoolaege about hiking on Methana at this LINK.
If you would like to take part in a guided tour on Methana, just visit the VolcanoAdventures website with the tours to Methana!


App Methana trails

There is a nice app with the hiking trails on Methana at this link!