Reptils & Amphibians of Methana

Respect & caution protects against unpleasant surprises

Many are afraid when they hear of "snakes" because stupid things are reported about the dangers of snakes. There's a lot of superstition about this. In Greece, nobody has died directly from a venomous snake in the last twenty years, and thousands have died in motorcycle accidents at the same time. Even if you were bitten by a viper, it is usually very painful, but not fatal. And you have to get near a snake first! Most (poisonous) snakes escape due to the vibration of the ground and the smell we create at a distance of 5-10 meters. So it is very seldom that you hear more of a snake than the sound it makes in the bushes! Nevertheless, it is better to be too careful than to run to the doctor later ...
Lizards are often seen and there are also turtles on Methana. It is more difficult to observe the Scheltopusik, which can only be found dead on the street, or even tiny snakes that live underground and in anthills. Geckos, on the other hand, are at home in every chapel and very useful against mosquitoes.


The website of Ilias Strachinis gives you information about reptiles in Greece.. His website can be found here!