The fortification of ancient Methana - the Paliokastro

The Acropolis of ancient Methanas is located at the southern part of the Almyra beach near the fishing village Vathy.
There is a former lava dome rising up from the plateau that was by its location ideal for an castle / acropolis.
The inhabitants of Vathy call the Acropolis simply "Paliokastro" (= "old castle"). Around this Acropolis was a large city existing, which has not been excavated to this day. Although some of the peasants have been compensated and the sites have been placed in the hands of the archaeological office, this office has not yet shown any efforts to excavate even this historic city.
The best way to get to the Acropolis is to follow the sign "Acropolis Paliokastro" in the field before the long wall. There you follow a path over the wall. To the right of the wall, you can admire the entrance, a little deeper. On the small plateau there are the remains of an early Christian chapel.

Pausanias allegedly visited the ancient Methana and writes among other things:

"To the country of Troezen is a peninsula, which extends far into the sea, where an insignificant city of Methana is inhabited near the sea, and there is a sanctuary of the Isis, and in the market a picture-pillar of Hermes, and another of Heracles. .. "

Around the Acropolis one can follow the ancient walls at the east. On the ground there are two relatively well preserved Roman (?) brick buildings.

If systematic excavations are carried out in the vicinity of the Acropolis, sensational finds can be expected.

Photos from the ancient town of Methana (C) Tobias Schorr