A bird´s view of the region Poros-Troezen-Methana

Even everybody has an free access to programs like Google Earth View, real aerial photographs are getting more and more a favourite of photographers. The new drone´s technology gives you an economic access to a kind of photography that would cost lots of money by helicopter flights.
I was always dreaming of seeing Methana from above. The first contact to this have been the aerial photographs I could enjoy, when Dr. Lorenz Hurni was working on the digital map of Methana in 1991-1995. But drones gave me more freedom of creativity. In 2014 I got my first experience with the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ which helped me to realize my first images. In 2016 I was more experienced. In June 2016 I went every early morning to all places I would love to take from above. As an photographer I had my target to document the beauty of the entire volcanic landscape of Methana peninsula. After all these photos, I am sure, that all the area should be protected strictly and get a kind of a geological and natural heritage / national park

All photos (c) Tobias Schorr


Methana town
Ancient acropolis Paliokastro
Ancient acropolis Oga
Historic volcano of Kameni Chora
Panteleimonas area
Chelona mountain top (740m)
Profitis Ilias mountain top
Stavrolongos caldera
Lavadome "hill A"
Ancient Troezen
Mycenean acropolis at Galata
Poros & Galata
Pano Fanari
Theatre of Palia Epidavros

Aerial photography & Tobias Schorr

When I started to take photos of the entire Methana peninsula, it was always my dream to see Methana´s landscape from above. The first opportunity I had, was when Dr. Lorenz Hurni was doing the digital map of Methana. We had some exciting satelite images and Lorenz Hurni created also the first threedimensional model of the Methana peninsula in the time around 1991-1995.
In 2014 I discovered that there are economic drones available for private use. Also the cameras used on these copters, were attracting me. When I got my first DJI Phantom Vision 2+ I could realize my first aerial images of Methana. After the first crashes I got more and more experienced and in 2016 I took all the photos I was dreaming about. Every early morning I got to the places from which I was starting to take photos to show the beauty of the volcanic landscape.
I am sure that all Methana should be protected and get a national, geological, natural and archaeological heritage. This could also support the locals and create new jobs...