The central volcano crater Stavrolongos

If you hike up into the mountains of Methana on the walking route A (red) you will get in one of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes of The Methana peninsula. The crater valley of Stavrolongos is part of a bigger caldera that was formed about 60.000-100.000 years ago by big volcanic eruptions. After the main activity of this volcano, there was a smaller lava dome growing in the centre that was very similar to the active Kelut volcano on Java/Indonesia. Today it is a green area with vine yards, fields and forests. In May you may discover rare wild roses and even orchids. The green landscape of Stavrolongos should be protected very strict against forest fires, agro-chemicals and destruction of its landscape. You will hear also the wrong name of the area as "Stravolongos", but it is proofed, that even in 1700 B.C. in books it was called Stavrolongos.