The best way to get to Methana

Because Methana is an peninsula, you can get there easy by land connections and sea travel. On Methana you do not have to fear the weather conditions and so it is a destination for all over the year. The time you need to get there from Athens or Piraeus is about 2-2,5 hours.


Travelling by airplane

The best airport for your arrival is Athens Elevtherios ATH. There are many airlines woldwide operating flights to Athens, so it should be no problem to get a good fare.

Just have a look at or the webistes of international airlines. It is recommended to have an arrival not later than 12:00 Greek time to get in time on ferries or to travel by daylight in a rented car to Methana.

Travelling by car

If you want to travel to Methana by car, we recommend one of the rental car offices in the arrival hall of the Athen´s aiport.

Leaving the airport, you will travel towards the highway in direction to Elefsina-Corinth. There are about 4 toll stations and you will pay around 10-14 Euros all together.
You will drive until the channel of Corinth (but do not turn towards Loutraki & the touristic view of the channel, if you do not want to take photos there) and follow the road sign towards Epidavros, leaving the highway. Than you will turn left (be careful with the traffic!) and you follow the route towards Epidavros passing first Loutra Elenis.
After Nea Epidavros it is till about 15 minutes until you turn right towards Palia Epidavros / Poros / Methana. In the circle you take the first exit towards Poros / Galata / Methana / Koliaki. After about 2 km you turn left to Poros / Galata / Kaloni / Methana and drive about 30 - 45 minutes to Kaloni. After the lake Psifta you turn left towards Methana (still 13 km). Note: Due to the destruction of the road by weather conditions, you will drive towards Trahia, Agia Eleni and Ano Fanari. The tour is about 1 hour more to estimate. Be careful at rainy or icy conditions!

Please note!
In case of (fresh) rain, drive absolutely careful and not too fast! There is sometimes old oil on the roads and especially in curves you could loose control! The roads are generally dangerous in Greece and not in a good condition. Only the highway from Athens to Corinth is "safe".

All the tour together needs around 2,5 - 3,5 hours in daylight. At night plan with 3-4 hours due to the many curves after the Corinth channel.

With the Taxi to the airport

The recent price to the airport Athens, the taxi drivers ask for, is around 250 € one way. So it makes only sense in case of emergency or if you have people to share the price. Plan, that the driver takes only 3 passengers, so the price for everybody is at least around 85-90 €.

The telephone of the taxi base is 0030-22980-92497


Sailing to Methana

If you want to travel to Methana by sea, you can take one of the Saronic ferries leaving Piraeus port a few times a week (depending on the season). Sailing to Methana takes about 2,5 hours and costs around 12 €. If there is no ferry boat, you have only the alternative to sail with a Fast ferry or a hydrofoil to Poros island. This costs around 25 € and you will be there in about 1 hour. In that case you arrive at Poros, take a taxi boat to Galatas (5 minutes, 1 €) and take a taxi to Methana for about 25-27 €.
If you prefer to have a rented car, you can ask for it at Top Cars at Mr Dimitris Karababas (about 35 €/day) Tel. 0030-22980-042443, cell phone 0030-693-2798876).
Timetable for the ferries

Methana private & group tours

If you want to enjoy Methana and the area around, there are guided tours by the experienced German photographer Tobias Schorr, who has been living on Methana for more than 10 years. He is offering private tours and group tours on Methana. Just ask him for a an offer!
Here you can find his E-Mail-Contact!

Ferries & Ships & Buses
Yachts in Methana / Vathy

 Kostas is responsible for the yachts: 0030-6977246691