Rare butterflies and other insects on Methana

Insects are the sovereign of the nature and they are important for the fertilization of fruit or as food for reptiles, birds and small mammals. Without insects we would not exist. The perfect climate and the rich environment of Methana offer them an ideal base for their survival. There is no place without them. There are very beautiful ones like butterflies and there are others, that we would not like to meet or to feel like scolopenders or scorpions. Some are mysterious like the solifugae spiders and the most live hidden in the underground. It is not clever to fight against insects with agrochemicals and to hunt birds in winter time. The ecosystem needs insects and the abuse of agrochemicals has a very negative impact not only in the environment, but also in human healthy. It is not a secret, that lots of people in the region suffer of cancer because of the polluted ground water and the fine fog of pesticides and insecticides used at flower farming. Many of the agrochemicals are already illegal even in Greece. It is not a political question of "ecologists" not to use agrochemicals, it should be human logic not to use them!