Watching animals is exciting on Methana!

Due to its perfect climate, Methana is an biotope for many species of animals. To discover and to watch them, you will need time and patience. The best way is to hike and to watch carefully the environment around you. The best time to find - for example reptiles - is the morning when they are not warmed up yet and stay in the sun to collect energy. Insects you will see all over the day, but scorpions or solifugae only at night or under stones (be carefully, because they can stick you and it is really paining!). Birds are difficult to watch as many people are hunting for them in winter time. If there was the first autumn rain, you will see frogs and toads. Snakes exist on Methana and also vipers. If you are carefully, you will never have any problems with them.



The website of Ilias Strachinis gives you information about reptiles in Greece.. His website can be found here!