The orchid limodorum from Stavrolongos

Usually it is not good to publish the position of rare orchids, but to sensitize the public for the nature´s treasures I think it is better to inform the people. Methana is an peninsula rich in rare plants and animals and it is in serious danger due to the use of agrochemicals, road construction and forest fires. A strict protection and parallel the development of sustainable kinds of tourism can help to protect the peninsula and to support the locals (more jobs in tourism, eco-farming, etc.).


The position of the limodorum abortivum orchid is a small forest near the diversion to the chapel Agios Athanasios in the caldera valley of Stavrolongos in central Methana peninsula. There is a dense population of these orchids around May every year and it is easy to discover the violet flowers. Like the most orchids in Europe also this orchid is strictly protected by law and this law is valid also in Greece (and for Greeks). It is not permitted to cut or to dig out any orchids. The best way to keep them in your mind is to take a great macro photo and to print it at home!

Like other & similar areas in Europe, also the Methana peninsula should be strictly protected and be a natural heritage. A good protection and the development of sustainable kinds of tourism could protect the peninsula and could help to create jobs for the local people!