Hiking route A (red signs)

This overview is only a recommendation for your tours and you can adapt it to your desire. You can also use the little road or combine the hiking route with the other routes on Metahan!


Hiking through the mountains of Methana

This hiking route starts at the harbour of Methana and you will first get to the old part of Methana, the village "Vromolimni" (or better Agios Charalambos!). From there you will ascend to the crater valley of Stavrolongos volcano. There you may chose the little road towards Kameni Chora and the historic volcano or get back to Methana or to combine the tour with the other routes C or B.

The route begins next to the church of Agios Charálambos. It takes you about 1-2 hours to get up in the mountains and downwards in about 1 hour. The hiking path was maintained in the last months of 2019.

Free hiking map of Methana