Hiking route D (orange)

The circular route D can be started from several places. The classic start begins in Megalochori. From the village square, walk down the alley to the top of the village and keep to the right. It goes uphill over a dry stream bed on an ancient stone slab path. The beautiful Byzantine chapel Panagitsa with its ancient frescoes can be reached in about 30-45 minutes. It probably dates from around 1200 AD. There was probably also an ancient sanctuary in the area, because the chapel also contains ancient remains. The path leads through the valley at the edge of the small lava dome. Remains of graves can be found between the rocks. Opposite the path goes up on the mountain slope. After about twenty minutes you reach the abandoned homestead where the mountain goatherd Georgios Dimitriou lived until his death in 2012. After the ruins (which are for sale!) Go straight up the mountain. Here you could also turn right, then you would come in a curve to path C (green), which leads to the highest peaks or straight ahead to the chapel of Agios Panteleimon. From there you can hike on the road to Methana.
Otherwise it goes up the mountain to a small plateau. Opposite the path continues uphill at the scree field and then left. It goes through small groves and the goal is the cisterns at the western end of the Makrylongos plateau.
It is best to follow the little-used mountain road for 1.5 km. Then an earth road begins on the left, which you follow. After 700 meters, turn left onto a small plateau. After the cistern, the path continues above the left. You will soon come to the second, beautiful chapel on this tour via small hairpin bends. The chapel of Agios Joannis is located on the site of an ancient sanctuary. You can see that from the fact that an Ionic column capital is built into their facade. The view from up here is beautiful! You can see the port of Vathy and the Gulf of Epidaurus. Soon you will reach Megalopotami and from there you can either turn left again on the small road to Megalochori or walk straight down to the fishing port of Vathy and fortify yourself with fresh seafood. Those who are completely fit can hike to the Acropolis Paliokastro. There is also a small tavern there. Those who hike the entire route should plan 5-8 hours and take enough drinking water with them.


Route D
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