Hiking to the chapel & volcano of Agios Andreas

A beautiful hiking route next to the historic volcano at Kameni Chora. When I visited it with Elias Rizos in December 2018, we saw that an old path from the chapel to the sea could be opened. It is easy to hike to the chapel in about 15 minutes. One of the most beautiful trails on Methana. But actually all routes are beautiful on Methana. I hope that Elias and his friends will extend the path to the sea. It is also interesting that below the chapel there is a small crater of a volcano, which must be older than the volcano that dates back to 270 BC. Because there is a prehistoric wine press from around 1400 BC. So the volcano could be at least 10,000 years or older.


Photos of the area
The Route to Agios Andreas
My oldest photo of Agios Andreas
Free hiking map of Methana