The crisis of Methana baths

Even the Roman writer Pausanias described the hot springs of Methana that appeared after an historic eruption of the volcano.
There are also remains of Roman baths in the bay Thiafi.

The healing power of the thermal sources is proofed since ancient times and it was confirmed by recent scientists (Pertesis, Kouskounis).

For decades the healing baths were the cause why many people visited Methana.

It is not a great success for the Greek state to close down the baths after running them for the last decades before the were given to private investors for about 50 years. The Greek state is still responsible to reopen the baths and to offer a fair and legal opportunity to private investors.

The only source that is still operating, is to be found at the hotel Ai Pigae.

The main problem - the certification!

The main problem of the baths was the missing certification of the healing waters, even they are proofed for hundreds of years by successful healing of people!

Thermal sources with the quality of Methana should be famous all over Europe for decades of years!

What did the Greek state do for the baths in the last 35 years?

How could the healing baths be closed??

he Thermal baths in the western part (sulfur baths) and the east part (St. Nicolaos) where rented for about 50 years by the brothers Vasili and Spyros Papioannou in June 2007. Both brothers had experience in building and architecture and they had plans to modernize the baths and their infrastructure.

What were the reasons why the private engagement was not successful?

  • Bureaucratic obstacles
  • Monument protection
  • Archaeological obstacles
  • Missing experience in the Wellness business
  • Lack of support by the state
  • Wrong investments
  • Legal uncertainty