The first interactive maps of Methana

The first interactive, digital maps of Methana have been created in the time between 1995-2006 by students and scientists, who were using the digital results of the topographial and geological cartography project Methana, done by the Swiss university ETH Zurich by the cartographer Dr. Prof. Lorenz Hurni and the geologists Panos Gaitanakis, Roland Oberhaensli and Dr. Volker Dietrich (1991-1995). There have been the first intercative threedimensional maps that were even runnig on the internet around 2000. That were the first activities to create an online "virtual reality" with the Cortona-VRL-Player. There has been never an interest by the local community and so the project was just used for the scientists to develop new possibilities to show a digital & virtual reality online. Many of their results are used today for example in Google Earth View and other software for online geography.