Methana - the perfect place for the first digital map

In 1991 Tobias Schorr met by chance, the Swiss cartographer Dr. Lorenz Hurni, who collected geographical data for his project to create the first digital map of Methana. Due to his very good knowledge of the Greek language and the peninsula of Methana, Tobias Schorr was able to support the team of cartographers and geologists. He was able to follow how a modern map is produced and documented the project of the topographical & geological map of Methana. There are many new techniques that Dr. Lorenz Hurni has developed into the digital world and has become standard. Many benefit from his experience and programming. Dr. Lorenz Hurni continues to train his students with the material from Methana, and so Methana is visited and made famous by scientists. The work of all people involved in the project could be used to the benefit of the Methanites people to provide the base for a future GEOPARK.

In 2019 I helped Elias Rizos to get the digital data of the map to support him on the Methana hiking path project. Unfortunately he uses the data without respect to his supporter and deleted already the names of the participating people of the mapping project. So he lost any rights to use the map data.


Photographs of the Methana cartography project
The cartography project
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Diplomarbeit S. Romer ARCGIS

PDF (Download  2.8 M)

Methana 3D, Dr. Heiko Mundle

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Free hiking map of Methana

Download Karte (PDF)

Here you can download the Methana map and print it out for your personal use!

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