My friends who were active for Methana or great supporters

Methana is not a simple peninsula and without the support of my friends I would have ended my commitment to Methana certainly two decades ago.

They have always encouraged me not to give up my ideals and loving Methana. Since my first visit to Methana on 26.04.1986, friends have come and gone. Only a few have proven friends until today.

My special thanks go to Dr. Lorenz Hurni, who has supported my "exploration" of Methanas since 1991 with his cartography Methanas´s and has created one of the best maps of Greece. Also the Greek geologists Giorgis Vougioukalakis and Michalis Fytikas helped me very much - most recently in the planning of the volcanological conference on Methana on 10-12 June 2016, in which also Giorgos Flambouris was co-initiator. On the spot, Giorgos Flambouris was one of the few in the past few years, with whom an idea could also be realized. With him and the society METHANEOI, I organized the volcano weekend in Methana and the conference in June 2016.

A big support was also always Angeliki Papaioannou (Hotel Saronis) and her husband Spyros, with whom I corporatedon the maintainance of the hiking trails in 2002.

Also a big "thank you" to the families of Theoni Kolias (Vathy), Dimitriou, Pallis and Triantafyllou who were friends, which I could always rely on and still can.

The friends in Methana are one of the reasons why I always come back to Methana. Even I lost contact to some people, it does not mean, that they are forgotten!

And all the others should understand, that I was always loving their peninsula and that it was and is my first target.

They may not understand my ideas, may be they even do not like foreigners and especially "Germans", but they should now, that I am fighting also for them.

The officials could win a lot if they would be sustainable interested in my ideas and activities. I am not against them, even I express my critics sometime. I do not vote any political party in Greece. I have voted for Methana in 1986. And I have not changed.


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