Ancient remains at the Chelona summit

Ancient remains of walls waiting to be explored

On the eastern edge of the small plateaus below the Chelona peak there are the ancient remains of a building in a bush. Given the quality of the masonry, it was certainly not an agricultural building. There are also two ancient columns in the area, like that of the geometric temple in Kounoupitsa. It must have been an ancient or prehistoric sanctuary (temple?). There are traces of a robbery dig, because rumours (?) say that somewhere in World War II there were allegedly found 12 golden tortoise (or pigs?). Allegedly, the finds had taken German Wehrmacht soldiers with them. I don't know if there is anything true in this rumour. Any research, if they were really found and if they are in one of Germany's museums, was not successful. That such items could exist would be possible, because there are stories that a king's daughter Aithra was cured of an illness up here and the golden items were sacrificed to the gods.
Systematic excavations would also be appropriate here.


Map of the area
Aerial photographs