Who knows the history of this stone head?

In 1996, as part of Methana's cartography project, Lorenz Hurni & Tobias Schorr discovered this stone head in a field near the village of Makrylongos. Its resemblance to the famous, prehistoric Cycladic idols is striking. It reminds a little of the statues of the Easter Island and his primitive style could indicate its old age.

Lichen has settled on the surface of the head carved from local volcanic rock. Do they perhaps indicate old age?

There are rumors that a farmer from the village designed this head and that he was always good at handling the local, hard rock. Or did he find a prehistoric head and then edit it a little further?

Only archaeologists can answer the question of age. To enable them to do research and to protect their heads, I handed it over to archaeologist Eleni Konstolaki-Jiannopoulou. Unfortunately I have not yet received a handover protocol. But the main thing is that it is now safely stored in the archaeological museum in Poros as "19th century folk art" :-)


Photos of the stone head