The ancient Roman farm at Tsonáka

In his recommendable book "A rough and rocky place - Methana", Hamisch FORBES already described numerous ancient places on the Methana peninsula. This also includes this small farm, which still shows a few well-preserved millstones and elaborations. The little house that is now there is much younger and may be 200-400 years old and was used until the 1940s.
However, if I look at the photo, I could come up with another idea ... Don't the two rocks even look like "sitting lions"? Couldn't it have been a prehistoric sanctuary instead of an "ancient farm"? The Mycenaean settlement was about a kilometer away from here at the chapel of Agios Konstantinos & Elenis.
The lava flow belongs to the volcano "Tsonaka" which had its source point north of the farm.

Position: 37 ° 35'57.23 "N, 23 ° 23'23.16" E


Ancient items for farming
Ancient farm