A temple from geometric times?

In a valley near Kounoupitsa you can discover the remains of a temple (?), Which probably dates from the geometrical period. The polygonal masonry still stands up to approx. 1.7 m and in the area you can still find columns made of local volcanic rock.

Unfortunately, there have never been any systematic excavations here and this place should also be under strict protection. Surely one archaeologist will make interesting finds in the area and directly near the walls....

Also - if you go uphill - there are leftovers to the right of the path. At first glance, it could be a so-called "patitiri", a basin for a wine press.

Directly along the way there is a typical perforated stone in the bushes with several chiseled holes, which may have served as resistance axis  for a wine or olive press.

The building could also be a stately home? In any case, it was not a "primitive" farm building.

My opinion:
I don't think the building is just a manor. I think the preserved stone pillars are more like parts of a temple.


Map of the area
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