The lava dome Mokrisa

The lava dome Mokrisa is located at the southern edge of the Stavrolongos Valley and is one of the middle-aged lava dome of central Methana. It is older than the small lava dome in the center of the Stavrolongo crater valley, but much younger than the volcanoes Chelona or Chiroma De Boukore. The volcano is probably due to a tectonic fault, build on the other volcanoes of South Methana. The volcano is an ideal example of one of the many dikes / lava domes on Methana. Viscous magma formed a lava of tenacious boulders that built up a dull hill. At the end of the activity, the summit of the volcano collapsed and formed a pseudo-crater.


Phtographs of the Mokrisa lava dome
Geological map
How a lava dome is growing