Hiking route A Kato Mouska-Kameni Chora volcano

A great round trip and an experience of Methana´s volcanism!

When I supported the group of geologists from the ETH Zurich and the IGME Athens in the period from 1991 to 1995, I did lots of walks on Methana.
One of the most beautiful hikes was from the former fresh water source at Kato Mouska to the historical volcano of Kameni Chora.

In recent years, the path was overgrown by vegetation in most places and it was also been hard to find it. It is opened again!

Lastly,  the path from the village of Kato Mouska to Lofiskos hill and from there to the parking area at the historic Lavadom of Kameni Chora is cleaned. Then the hiking path heads up the new road a few bends until you will find the further course of the trail which then leads down - between the volcanoes Pikesa and Malia Gliati in a wild valley - to Kato Mouska village.

The route is something for practiced and confident walkers with endurance. The whole route takes about 4-5 hours. You can also walk up to the historical volcano, climb it and then descend to the village of Kameni Chora, get a refreshing drink in the Tavern of Theodoros Joannou and order a taxi. If you want to go back to Methana, you have to follow the new road that leads to Methana (very stressful, as you walk almost asphalt).

The hike on the route is one of the most beautiful ones on Methana!

The topographic map
Free hiking map of Methana