Discover rare orchids on Methana!

Due to its rich and different soils, the enviroment of the Methana penisnula is an ideal biotope for rare orchids. They can be found from March to May and on many spots on Methana. The best opportunity to find orchids, is to hike with an experienced guide on the many walking routes on the peninsula. The orchids are an ideal target for macro photographers and nature lovers. Please respect the enviroment and do not cut them!


A useful book on the orchids of Methana

"Le Naturalistes Belges"
Numero special de la section orchidees d `Europe
volume 98 (Orchid 30), hors-série-2017


"Le Naturalistes Belges"

"Contribution á la connaisance des orchidées de la presqu`ile de Methana et de l`ile de Poros"
(Golfe Saronique, Attique, Gréce)

avenue du Pic Vert 3
1640 Rhode-Saint-Genése
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