The Byzantine chapel Agios Dimitrios

The small chapel Agios Dimitrios near Kounoupitsa is one of the oldest and best preserved Byzantine chapels in the Eastern Peloponnese region. It probably dates from around 1200. The large number of well-preserved frescoes and the ancient building material must be strictly protected! The huge clay tiles that protect the roof to this day are also impressive. The Byzantine wall frescoes of the most important saints are partially damaged by medieval graffiti depicting sailing ships. The floor of the chapel must also be ancient. Maybe even older than the chapel? Behind the chapel and in the area there were some ancient tombs. Bones are still partially preserved.

Ancient predecessors?
Can it be a coincidence that there are four important chapels within a radius of 500 m? The location is so special that one can assume that there was a sanctuary in this area since ancient times. A few pieces of broken ceramcis that I found in the fields next to the Agia Barbara church confirm my assumption (?).


Photos of the chapel of Agios Dimitrios


Ancient remains?