The unknown acropolis Oga

The Acropolis Oga is one of the most mysterious, ancient acropoles. Almost nothing is known about its history. This is despite the fact that a sanctuary of Poseidon Fytalmios is suspected on it, which is indicated by a rock inscription (it is now in the Methana cultural center). Neither Pausanias, nor any other ancient writer reports anything about this interesting acropolis.
This place should actually be known, because you can see this flat table mountain from afar and everyone suspects a castle or fortress there.

On the summit plateau you can visit an ancient cistern, numerous ancient wall pieces and the rest of an ancient tower. There have been no excavations until now. One wonders why? Methana is practically at the gates of Athens and is the archaeological office still so disinterested in it? Archaeologists could find a "paradise" on Methana and make great discoveries.


Acropolis Oga
Photographs of the acropolis